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I am PR friendly and am available for product reviews, collaborations, launches and paid commissions. 


How we can work together:-

Brand Ambassador – I am currently an ambassador for Neutrogena UK, Really Wild Clothing and Colorland UK to name a few - a great way of showing a support to a brand and regularly showing key pieces of clothing on my Instagram feed. I would love to work with more companies too and share my honest and authentic message on fashion, travel and lifestyle. 

Product reviews – We love to offer our opinion but will only review items if they fit naturally with our family lifestyle.

Press trips/ family trips – We have been on lots of days out and family holidays, sharing our experience with others to inspire their next booking!

Sponsored content – I am happy to write sponsored content for brands which I feel are a natural fit for my blog. 

Social media coverage – I have a loyal following of over 50K on my Guilty Mother social media platforms which is ever increasing. I use my creativity to incorporate a brand’s message into a post which I think my readers will find interesting. All commercial posts will be flagged up as such and I hope my readers will enjoy those posts just as much as my regular posts.

STEM Ambassador 


I am sharing my story as a tech entrepreneur in a hope to inspire other women to find their passion. I am a registered speaker for schools and go into schools, colleges and universities to talk about entrepreneurship, leadership, confidence and finding your passion.


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Inspiring Speaker 


I am an engaging, inspiring speaker. I love the opportunity to meet with like minded people and to be able to share my voice. I have given many keynote talks over the years and am confident on the stage. I cover a wide range of topics including women in business, branding, confidence, women in leadership, employee engagement and how to build a blog. 

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