Surviving Legoland

It got to the point where it felt like everyone had been to Legoland apart from us. In fact, my daughter came home from school one day before the Easter holidays to announce that everyone in her class had been to Legoland - part from her, whether that is true or not, it is difficult to tell, but it did make me think that perhaps we will consider a trip to Windsor in the near future

I've heard mixed reviews from parents on Legoland, some of which include how expensive the tickets are and others said they felt Legoland was starting to look abit run down. However, without test running the Legoland experience for myself, who was I to judge.

Some of my friends are very savvy when it comes to making sure they get the best prices or offers for special days out. Unfortunately, I am not so savvy. However, on this occasion, I had cut out the free adult ticket from the cereal box and left it to one side. However, after doing some numbers work, it was cheaper for me to book two adults and two children tickets online if I booked a week in advance, so this is what I did. Under 3's are free but my children are six and four.

I was recently talking to a friend who has four children and the whole day including tickets, food and a trip to the gift shop cost them around £400. Does that seem expensive for a day trip? Although, she was raving that they had an amazing family day out.

Our trip was £158 to enter Legoland with priority parking. As we had printed our tickets at home, we headed straight for the turnstiles and beat the queues. The only risk of booking a week in advance was that we couldn't plan the good, old fashioned British weather. Fortunately, the rain held for us. How kind!

Inside the park, there is over 55 rides and attractions and there was something for everyone. On entrance the first attraction we spotted was the Star Wars Experience. My son was in is element. He told me it was 'double wow'. I genuinely can't remember the last time I saw him so excited. He is obsessed with Darth Vader, Master Luke and Chewbacca. He hugged and kissed the Lego figures as we walked round and he was completely made up. At that moment, we genuinely could have turned around and left Legoland and he would have been satisfied.

After going off to explore, our favourite ride was The Dragon. A short and fast roller coaster which was a thrill for all of us. It didn't seem to last very long but we enjoyed the ride. Kids need to be over a metre tall to enjoy most of these types of rides, so please bear that in mind to avoid queuing for rides the little ones won't be able to get on.

The Vikings' River Splash was fun but we did get really wet. It took nearly all afternoon for our jeans to dry out, despite wearing waterproof coats, but my daughter thought this was an absolute blast! For the most popular rides, we queued for around 15 to 20 minutes which was fine. We didn't opt for the Q-Bot queue jumper as it seemed a a fraction expensive. As some rides can only take a small number of adults to distribute the weight, that could be what made the rides take longer. We also enjoyed Laser Raders in Kingdom of the Pharaohs along with the kids getting their Legoland driving licences from LegoCity.

Legoland Miniland was educational without being boring and my daughter couldn't wait to point out all the famous London landmarks to me. Overall, we had such a fun day out at Legoland, I would highly recommend it to others.

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