Our Dolls House gets an Upgrade

Thanks to Big Game Hunters who have sent Guilty Mother a generous delivery of the Sweetbee Dolls House furniture range. They asked us to take a look at their Sweetbee Dolls House furniture range. The interior of the Dolls House in the Guilty Mother household, could, definitely benefit from an upgrade!

It genuinely couldn’t have been better timing. As you see from the photo, my daughter, aged six, has a battered old dolls house which we bought from a charity shop. It’s scratched, drawn on, the front door is missing, a few added stickers here and there, but - it’s loved and enjoyed.

We were excited to open the set, which has been beautifully hand crafted with wood and hand-painted with pretty pastel colours. We received a bundle of goodies, including a kitchen, living room, dining room, children's bedroom, master bedroom and bathroom set.

Each piece is designed with little hands in mind so they're easy to grip, durable and the surface of each wooden accessory is painted with many layers of hardwearing child-friendly paint.

And there’s more. Not only did the furniture get an upgrade - a new Guilty Mother family of seven dolls moved in too! The detailed, durable wooden dolls with bendy arms and legs are easy to move around the doll’s house and position on the furniture. Each doll also features chunky wooden feet so they're easy to stand up. This set includes grandma, grandad, mum, dad, brother, sister and a baby.

My daughter spent over an hour setting up the furniture in the rooms, putting grandma in the bathroom (as she often needs the loo)!

In my opinion, this set from Big Game Hunters is a great buy for Christmas, as it proves that regardless of what your dolls house looks like, you can easily give the interior a little upgrade.

And perhaps that’s the theme of Guilty Mother’s blog post. When it comes to dolls houses, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

To order this dolls house furniture or look at other great Christmas ideas, go to https://www.biggamehunters.co.uk/acatalog/6-sets-sweetbee-dolls-house-furniture.html

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