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We all know that relationships are tough. I recently had a friend who had her heart broken all over again. Over wine, we drink heavily (I drink with her to soothe her pain). We laugh, we cry, we agree that he was a complete waste of time and let’s not talk about him anymore. So on that note, I’m under strict instructions not to mention ex’s name. But let’s be honest, not only are relationships a tough gig, parenting is no walk in the park either. According to an article published in The Independent, almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK argue regularly or consider separating. In most cases, we make up but perhaps all this work, stress and arguing is tiring us all out.

Sometimes it feels like we just need a second to catch our breath and try and love ourselves a little more. Many of us mums just feel like we need to be able to go to the bathroom alone without a small child watching us. To be able to get through the week without feeling like we are failing or falling apart. Constantly clutching the joys of daily life with our fingernails.

I was reading in a magazine how a wave of healing retreats can help revive a tired soul. Could this be a place that helps us to focus on what’s best for us and our emotional wellness? Mediation and yoga retreats are now big business. Travel companies are working much harder to ensure guests feel relaxed and happy with a shift in mindset to the importance of you and your wellbeing. Many travel organisations are now offering yoga and meditation holidays with strict curfew of digital devices. These retreats have been created, not only to heal the mind, but also to help us release a shed load of sweat and stress on the yoga mat.

It suddenly dawned on me that, although some of these retreats are aimed at solo travellers, I would very much welcome going to one of these retreats. Should I just go and pretend I am single? And, it gets better. I found one called ‘WINE’. Although, unfortunately, this is no Pinot Grigio retreat. Why have they not thought of that? The WINE retreat stands for 'Walk in New Enlightenment', which to be honest, I wasn’t expecting. Here’s the link if you want it ( I just hope they serve alcohol in this retreat as well as green smoothies - otherwise we’re all screwed.

Sometimes feel like you need a break from the kids? Revival we come.

Childs Pose...all day. Namaste.

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