Bum Bags are Back

Here we are in spring 2017 and all the trend forecasts are saying the same thing – we’re in the midst of a massive bum bag comeback. Yes, you heard it right. I can’t recall the last time I was so excited. It may seem impossible for something that’s called a ‘bum bag’ or ‘fanny’ pack (I know, cringe) to make a serious step back into the fashion world, but it’s back in a big way.

And if you think I’m joking, I’m not. Before posting this blog, I did my research. I looked on some top fashion websites that are way to cool for me. You know the ones, River Island and Topshop. The ones we visited about fifteen years ago when we were hip. I do miss by Topshop Baxter jeans. Do they still have those?

The History of Bum Bags

Bum bags originally came from ski patrols to carry med kits in, as they needed their hands free for important stuff, like ski poles. Who knew? The next people on the trend were cyclists, (you know the ones, wearing that skin tight shorts). This all happened in the 80s and before you knew it everyone got on the trend – including me. In circa 1990, I was in love with my favourite, turquoise SeaWorld bum bag and I hardly ever took it off! Now, where did I put that?...

Whatever your view on the bum bag, it is fair to say that it is an incredibly practical item. If you’re traveling with older children in tow (i.e. not toddlers) and you don’t want to lug around a rucksack, I might buy a bum bag just to test how much stuff I could pack into it. iPhone – tick, money – tick, small snacks for the kids – tick, spare pants for the kids (you never know), one of those small cans of gin and tonic – tick, cigarettes – tick (no, scrap that, I forgot I gave them up). iPad? No, that’s not going to work, but hey, I think we could fit some good items in there.

Not that I go to many festivals these days, but apparently, I was reading that bum bags have become a festival essential. Yes, you heard that right, essential. According to the New Look website, which are now selling a range of bum bags, they are telling their website visitors to ‘embrace the 90s and it style it out with a bomber jacket and a bandana head band for perfect festival styling’. So, go on, don’t be shy. Even the most stylish celebrities, including Suki Waterhouse have added a bum bag to their festival wardrobes. You are in good company.

Where to buy your new bum bag. To name a few...

New Look


River Island


Cotswold Outdoor

This technicolour delight shown here is from Topshop. And in case you were thinking bum bags are just for the ladies, ASOS have a wide range of stylish bum bags for the guys too!


I'm sure there's a joke in here somewhere about carrying around bags of guilt, but I'll have to figure that one out!

So on a closing note, throw aside that heavy tote bag ladies, it’s time for a bum bag revolution. Who’s with me on this one? And if anyone says, you look silly. Just blame me. Tell them, Guilty Mother made me do it.

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