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(Image includes: Channeling model vibes, cankles (not shown) and thinking about what to give the kids for tea)

I am in no way a fashion blogger and I have made plenty of fashion mistakes over the years. Haven't we all? However, all joking aside, it's good to see those high leg, lace up boots are back in fashion on the festival circuit. I could have put those bad boys on eBay!

So if you heading off to sandy white beaches this summer, I thought I would share just a few items that I love, that might help give you some inspiration too. Not that you may need any more inspiration. That damn Boden catalogue keeps dropping through our letterboxes like mummy porn. Please stop it. I have no willpower, nor do I have any intentions of asking them to remove me from their mailing list. I am not even sure how we get signed up in the first place. I wondered if NHS hospitals have done away with Bounty (what a waste of money) and so when you have a baby, they automatically enrol you to the Boden mailing list instead. That's my hunch anyway.

Whatever kind of break you have planned over the coming months or if you are hoping to enjoy what's left of the British sunshine, you might be thinking about your summer wardrobe. I know I do! In fact, sometimes, it is all I can think about (other than wondering whether to give the children spaghetti bolognese for a third day in a row - too much?)

With so many new, summer collections available at the moment, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a new outfit for the beach or even something for those alfresco evenings with friends, I have a few ideas to share with you. In most cases, they will be strategic items to hide my white legs (although there is only one way to get them brown - spray tan...obvs) and my cankles. Anyone else get joked at by their friends for having cankles? Please let me know I am not alone!

Well, don't feel sorry for me. I am about to feel much better about myself as I plan to buy all these items at some stage soon. Take a look at my holiday wardrobe wish list and let me know what you think. Anything take your fancy too? Comment and share on Facebook and Instagram.

1. This Bag

Completely impractical in every way. I love it! Available at

2. Because Everyone needs a Kaftan (apparently)

This one from is perfect. Also available in black.

3. A Floaty Evening Dress

I love this pattern from Zara. Perfect attire to disguise my cankles. Will look nice will the sleeves rolled up for those warm evenings too. Go me!

Can they do no wrong?

4. The Swimsuit

It's got to be black (keep it classic) or perhaps some mum stripes. Obvs. (note: cankles, not shown here). I will look like the photo when it arrives...won't I? Next clothing do have a good swimwear collection though. And that next day delivery if you order by 9pm. Genius.

5. Saltwater Sandals

Apparently, these are the best all round sandal to go from daytime to evening. It is all I see on Instagram every day from one blogger to another. A classic, waterproof sandal with a lightweight sole for a real go-anywhere style. I'm buying some for myself and the kids!

Available at or see the full range here:

On a final note, if you are wondering what are the best ways to pack well for long vacations, I would highly recommend reading this really helpful blog post from amazing mama of five, Courtney Adamo. She explains how to pack well when you travel for one year! Yep, a whole year.

Follow her on Instagram too. Her feed is dreamy.

Happy holidays peeps!

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