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Summer holidays are a popular time for families to head to warmer climates, however if you haven't made it to a sandy beach just yet, you might like to consider other ways to keep your little ones entertained. So we headed for a day trip to Colchester Zoo in Essex which is home to over 260 species across sixty acres of parkland and lakes.

Like most people, I have visited quite a few zoos in my time but Colchester Zoo remains as one of our favourties. In fact, don’t just take it from me, Colchester Zoo is listed as the 11th best zoo around the world and in the top 2 zoos in the UK as part of the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Attractions. On arrival, the children were greeted by a huge, cuddly Meerkat (someone dressed up as a meerkat obviously), which is my daughter’s favourite animal. So, we were already off to winning start as soon as we arrived!

There’s so much to do here, it is hard to know where to start this blog. Firstly, it’s reassuring to see that the animals have so much space, especially the area for the Zebras, Giraffes and Rhinos as they are all together on a massive plain.

The main benefit of Colchester zoo is that the park offers lots of safe, interactive experiences for visitors, which are kid friendly, so everyone can enjoy it. From hand feeding elephants and giraffes to watching sea lions swim overhead inside their 24m tunnel walk through. It’s a magical place to get close to wildlife.

With Colchester Zoo offers some fantastic activities with the opportunity to hand feed the elephants and giraffes at daily public feeding sessions, and walk through the 24m tunnel as sealions swim overhead. My children thought this was amazing. My son laughed and said the elephant’s trunk was like a hoover and nearly sucked up his finger! But my son had nothing to fear. The elephant feeding was all done safely and professionally with helpful, friendly zoo keepers on hand. I wondered if the elephant’s name was Dyson, but the zookeeper said her name, was Tanya!

There’s so much to see here, but you can also visit the Orangutan Forest which houses two male Orangutans. If that’s not for you then perhaps Butterfly Glade which is home to a large number of tropical plants, butterflies and a warm micro climate so it’s perfect place to warm up on a chilly day.

Delicious Food

Restaurants at large zoos and adventure parks can sometimes be abit hit and miss. Well, I can confirm that the food here was really good value and tasty with a great selection of choice. The patisserie was great, with an efficient customer service and good sized portions. The children had jacket potatoes whilst we had sandwiches, followed by a mandatory ice lolly!

In summary, the zoo was a big hit. And in a true parenting blogger style, I should just add that the zoo was clean and tidy, with lots of loos. Very handy to know if you are going through potty training little ones (I remember those days)!

Use Tesco Clubcard Points

If you want to be smart with your pounds, you can use your Tesco clubcard points to get discounted tickets. £30 of Tesco vouchers will give you entry for four people, whereas it will cost you around £70 if you buy your tickets online the day before you travel.

I would highly recommend taking your little monkeys to Colchester Zoo. For more information, jump onto

Have a roaring time! (sorry...couldn't resist)

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