The Mother of All Winter Coats

Puffas, parkas, trenches, wax jackets – what makes the perfect winter coat you may ask yourself?

If you are feeling fed up with the lack of sunshine along with bucket loads of wind and rain, you are not alone. In fact, if you are like me, now is the time to start eyeing up a new winter coat.

This unpredictable weather means you’ll need a cosy cover-up right up until April, making the perfect winter coat one of the hardest working pieces to buy in your wardrobe. Which is why it’s not a decision you’ll want to make lightly, especially if you want to invest in a piece that will make your money go far.

Every coat has its place in our house and even though I have a few coats, I didn’t have, what I will now describe as the ‘mother of all winter coats’. Obviously, a trusty anorak has it’s place. It has always served me well. The anorak keeps me dry and out of the rain, but unfortunately, it’s not warm enough for this cold weather.

Over the last few years, I have relied on my trusty wax jacket which is warm, but lacks a hood. I could buy a hood separately, but quite honestly, I have never got round to it! I’m sure I have written it down on one of those ‘to-do’ lists of mine.

If you are a football, rugby, hockey mum or dad, you’ll know how it feels to stand on the side of a pitch for 1.5 hours, week in, week out in the freezing cold. We wriggle our legs and toes to try and keep us warm, but standing still for that long is pretty chilly! In summary, you need a stylish, winter coat you can rely on.

When it comes to warm, winter coats, I’ve never owned a parka jacket or a duffle coat for that matter, but was looking for something along those lines, which was warm, stylish and fun.

When Boden gifted me with his parka jacket – I died and went to heaven. This Boden number is a practical parka with a twist. There are two choices of faux-fur trim for the hood (one in a natural hue and the other in a bold colour that matches the lining), so your style can change as often as the great British weather does. It is warm with generous pockets at the front. I love the splash of colour on the inside as just makes it so fun and a stand out piece.

Have you found any amazingly warm and stylish coat yet? Comment on the Guilty Mother Facebook page and let me know what your staple winter coat is like.

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