An Interview with Cwtch Skincare™

I was recently contacted by Welsh-born Cwtch Skincare™ and I loved this brand, so wanted to share this with my lovely followers. Cwtch is an all-embracing hug for parents and babies everywhere: raw, organic, cold-pressed goodness that’s as pure as a cuddle from Nature herself. I’m partly Welsh myself, so it’s always nice to know another friend from the valleys!

I was interested by the story behind Cwtch so asked if I could interview the company founder, Philip Davies to which he kindly agreed. Philip has woven two decades of spa industry experience into Cwtch’s DNA, from lecture halls to treatment suites, laboratories to boardrooms. He’s an Acupuncturist with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (in the UK and China) and a Reflexologist with 20 years’ experience specialising in pre-and post-natal care in centres such as Triyoga.

1. How and why did you start Cwtch Skincare™?

To answer this I need to give a bit of background on what brought me to that point. I'm an acupuncturist and reflexologist with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 20 years of experience supporting women through pregnancy and beyond in centres such as triyoga. I then founded my own Day Spa in Knightsbridge incorporating the UK's first dedicated Maternity Spa - and won the Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Spa Award for Favourite UK Day Spa. I then went on to work as Head of Wellness for an international organic skin care brand before travelling the world as a holistic spa consultant specialising in natural and organic skincare products. It was in this role that I identified a gap in the market for a range of dedicated premium organic products and treatments. Products that could be trusted implicitly for the quality, integrity and efficacy of their ingredients.

It was at this point that I decided to create Cwtch Skincare. Effective, ethical products and treatments that offer expert, empathic care from pregnancy to pre-school; product that not only met the rigorous standards of purity but that offered the reassurance of a warm, comforting embrace, and a safe secure sanctuary. In Wales, we call this Cwtch. And from there my 'baby' was born - uniting the hearts and souls of the world's finest organic ingredients to provide trusted skincare for a global community of parents from all walks of life.

2. What makes your products stand out from others?

It has to be the products themselves primarily - they really do speak for themselves and have already picked up four very prestigious Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards in 2017, fighting off some big industry leaders. We may currently be small but this doesn't affect our real results.

We have two requisite strengths for our ingredients; potency and provenance. Also, our firm belief in 'keeping it real'. Being a parent is incredible, it's also extremely hard work. I wanted to create a range that is not only founded on my hands-on experience with hundreds of pregnant women - I really do know and understand what pregnancy involves and how individual every woman's experience is. But one that is trusted implicitly - that's one less BIG worry... hypoallergenic, vegan, natural, raw and organic products that are also authentic, transparent and truthful. The ingredients are 100 % natural so they're edible (great for finger and toe suckers} We engage a global network of co-operatives from whom we source our ingredients, thereby supporting a global network of families. We also embrace and consider people of all backgrounds, family units and parenting styles. Cwtch is also proud to support the worldwide work of White Ribbon Alliance - a worldwide network of maternal health advocates campaigning for the resources and rights to ensure a safe birth for every woman, everywhere.

3. Where can we buy your products?

Currently Cwtch producst are available to buy direct from the Cwtch website and coming to leading premium retailers soon.

4. What exciting plans do you have to expand the brand?

I have already developed additional products with more currently being honed. I am also very excited to be working on our range of dedicated Trimester and specific individually tailored Maternity spa treatments.

Also, the key focus and driving force behind anything we do is to gain the trust of our customers and earn our rightful place as the premium, organic, vegan, luxe, Bio Active, Fairtrade, all- singing, all -dancing 'go to' range - founded on industry expertise and hands on knowledge of the realities of pre-and post-natal care, for all Mums to be and their babies!

In summary, I love Cwtch skincare brand and what they stand for. A business with strong ethics and full of empathy. They only use 100% natural ingredients, which would have been ideal for when my children were babies. I love their fun play on words in a section of their website named ‘the naughty step’ meaning their products are free from parabens, preservatives and every other nasty you could imagine. They have banished all the main offenders to the naughty step for a permanent 'time out’. What clever marketing. Why can’t more companies be a little more Cwtch?

Thank you to Cwtch Skincare and Philip Davies for the interview.

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