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For anyone who knows me well, I absolutely love taking photos. I should have been a photographer! In a digital world, it’s so easy for us now to capture memories and leave them on our smartphones and computers. However, you hear so many stories of friends capturing special moments but losing them on computers or even worst, lost laptops in taxis. I will never forget hearing about a famous radio presenter who left her Apple MacBook laptop in the back of a taxi and was so distraught as she lost the photos of her children. She was pleading with her radio listeners to share the message in case it turned up. I hope it did.

So, perhaps, even in a digital age, it is a good idea to print some of these precious moments in case we lose the digital copies. I was contacted by Colorland UK and they asked me if I was interested in creating and review their range of photo books. As this was brilliant timing as I said...yes!

I had a couple of photo books I was keen to create and this was just the motivation I needed to get them done. Just perfect timing really. The first photo book was to be of my fortieth birthday and the second was of a family trip to Brecon, Wales in the summer with family. Both very memorable holidays for different reasons.

The Colorland UK Website

I found the website to be very easy to use and navigate around. They have various great photo ideas from canvas prints to photo books, all of which are clear to find in their menu.

Creating the Photo books

I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to create from a visual perspective, but if you are unsure there are plenty of size options available as well as the choice of cover finishes.

For my birthday photo book, I chose a grown-up design in white. I really wanted it to be a grown up, modern looking photo book that would't look dated over time. The only part that took the longest amount of time was choosing the amazing photos of New York City I would include (I had so many)! I then organised my photos by chronological order, so they told the story as I wanted it to be told. This meant a little extra editing and cropping of the photographs to get them ‘just right. I’m such a perfectionist for things like this!

Throughout the website, I found that I could easily add text, select a font and size, add a background from a large choice available and adjust my photo boxes. I wanted my project to be fun and something we could look back on and enjoy this special milestone!

Once all the photos were uploaded and placed correctly on the pages, the photo book very quickly started to come together. After some moving around of the layout and design, I was pretty happy with my final edit. Hurrah!

Once adding your design to the basket, you are prompted by the website to check any photos which may be of low quality and see those if you choose to. I had just a couple of photos which came up with a warning but I didn’t alter them and they have turned out fine.

Before going to print, I asked one of the team at Colorland UK to look at it for me before printing. They very kindly came back to me to let me know that the image on one of the pages was out of line, so I might like to adjust it. Thank you Barbara for pointing that out! The devil is in the detail for sure! It feels like quite an achievement putting this photo book together.

The Finished Products

Five days later my photo books arrived on my desk at work and I loved them. In fact, I gave them a tiny hug! I was really pleased with the quality and the service I received from start to finish. I appreciate there are lots of different companies you can use to order photo books, but quite genuinely, I wanted something special for my 40th book – and I got it.

On a final note, I also ordered some retro prints. I absolutely love these! I often print these for the kids as they look like retro Polaroid photos. They are perfect for the kids to hang up in the bedroom or we pop on the fridge. You can also fully personalise the pictures, by adding stickers, texts and frames. My kids love them and I hope you love them too.

Thank you Colorland UK for making it so easy! How do you fancy creating a memorable item of your own? Well, if so, you can because I have an offer for my readers! Use discount code GUILTYM44 at checkout for an amazing discount. Create your own 44 page A4 Photo Book Classic. Normally priced at £33.84 plus shipping but you'll receive it for £5.99 plus £5.99 shipping. Promotion ends 30th November 2018.

This is a sponsored post brought to you in collaboration with Colorland UK but all content and opinions are Guilty Mother's own.

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