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While Lego is still a huge contender on the toy front on almost every home - I have a confession. My kids love PLAYMOBIL® more than Lego. I had thought PLAYMOBIL® might just be a faze for my children, but it hasn’t. It has survived longer than any other toy or game in our household. In fact, it seems they love PLAYMOBIL® now more than ever.

I didn't know until recently that PLAYMOBIL® has actually been a successful toy line for more than 40 years. So what is it that makes these toys so special? I suppose firstly, the PLAYMOBIL® toys are usually realistic and they do a great job to give accurate representations of armour, costumes, and tools from different time periods. Perhaps it is the diversity of the PLAYMOBIL® range that keeps the children’s imaginations bursting with creativity.

When it comes to toys, we want our children to have access to products which allow their imaginations to delve deeper into new worlds. With PLAYMOBIL® each product from the ghostbusters car, to the summer camper van; they are all so curiously detailed from the inside out. From the opening doors, the chairs, the cups, fire extinguishers, surf boards, binoculars, snorkels, the people. It engages my children like nothing else does.

You may think of PLAYMOBIL® as a product aimed at younger children, but the range is aimed at children from the ages of four to twelve. I witness so many toys in our household come and go or be thrown to one side, but when it comes to PLAYMOBIL® - it stands strong and holds it place. Despite the draw of the television or the iPad, I am so happy to see both my children, on a regular basis, hunkered down on his bedroom floor, creating new adventures with their tiny character pieces. Every time they play, they create a different story.

PLAYMOBIL®’s inventor and longtime C.E.O., Horst Brandstätter, passed away some years ago now but his family struck gold when the first Playmobil figures where created back in 1974. Fast-forward some forty years, and the Brandstätter Group still still thriving. In 2018, PLAYMOBIL launched around 166 new products to market, including its own animated film and an app. To add to our growing collection of PLAYMOBIL® items, we have been sent this fabulous summer camper van, courtesy of PLAYMOBIL®. Equipped with kitchenette, minibath/WC, roost for the whole family and with great stowage for the camping furniture. It really is so much fun!

PLAYMOBIL® promotes so much positive, engaging play for children, such as role play, creativity and an ability to develop storylines and storytelling skills. Not only that, but enables them to progress their fine motor skills and coordination too. Therefore, even after forty years, in my opinion, the PLAYMOBIL® brand has managed to stay true to its focus. Licensed, fun themes to introduce children to traditional role-playing, encourage creativity and strengthen their social skills.

And finally, it that doesn’t sell it to you enough, there is also the Ghostbusters™

action vehicle with lights and sounds. To be honest, I didn’t even buy that for the kids. I got it for myself…

This blog post is brought to you in collaboration with PLAYMOBIL® but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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