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I was recently introduced to Loopster and I am so glad that I was. Everyone is talking about sustainable fashion and rightly so. Green is the new black and ethical fashion is a hot topic. Sustainable processes are kinder to the environment – after oil, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter – and to the people involved in the production process.

Sustainability comes into play at each stage of a garment’s life, from the initial design to the recycling when it’s worn out or you simply want to disregard that item. We all do it and not only for our own clothes, our children's clothes too. Especially, as kids seem to grow so fast!

We are constantly putting piles together in the home of clothes we need to disregard. So how do we do it and equally, how do we buy better?

According to a research printed in The Guardian last year, a predicted 235m items of Britons’ unwanted clothing are expected to end up in landfill unnecessarily. Furthermore, people will dispose of an average of 19 items, with seven going straight in the bin. Three-quarters of consumers admit to binning their discarded garments, usually because they do not realise that worn-out or dirty clothes can be recycled or accepted by charities.

When it comes to kids fashion, Loopster want to help us. I spoke to Jane, the founder of Loopster who said "at a time when many of us are becoming increasingly concerned about our throw- away culture, having bin- bags full of hardly used kids’ clothes filling up our homes has become an uncomfortable reality."

As an investigative filmmaker, Jane was able to learn first- hand about the cost of fast fashion when she went undercover in Bangladesh for a film about child labour. Ever since then, she has been passionate about extending the lives of clothes we buy.

Loopster's mission is simple. They just want to make selling nearly new kids clothes really simple. I personally think they have nailed it. Loopster will hand- check every item it sells to ensure it is good quality, and sell it on to other parents at a fraction of High Street prices. With clear photographs of the clothes on their website, searching for stylish bargains on Loopster is easy.

And if you want to sell to Loopster, you simply order the Loopy Clear- Out Bag and fill it up with your child’s unwanted clothes. Back at Loopster HQ, we check the condition and quality of the garments. If it makes the grade, we’ll pay you for it. The rest gets returned to you or, if you agree, donated to the charity, TRAID.

TRAID is a UK based fashion reuse charity working to tackle and solve the environmental and social justice problems caused by the production, consumption and disposal of clothes.

In recent weeks, I have been in denial that my daughter is turning nine years old and that her current dresses are now too small. I went on the Loopster website and purchased some new outfits for her (see outfit shown). She was absolutely thrilled and the quality was so good, she genuinely had no idea they weren’t new!

I love Loopster and was moved by what Jane is doing to grow her online business with a strong sustainable and environmental message. Hands up if it feels good when you bag a bargain? That's exactly how I felt when my Loopster delivery arrived. A high quality dress for £4? What's not to love?

So in summary, I will be using Loopster for buying kids clothes and I hope you will consider it too. It is such a smart idea. Every time I decide to get something on Loopster, I feel like I’m actually doing some good at the same time.

So let’s make a change today and agree that many of those items you don’t want can be re-used and enjoyed by another child instead of going to landfill. Who’s with me?

N.B - This article was brought to you in collaboration with Loopster as a way to bring more exposure to the good work they are doing in sustainability and the environment. All opinions are honest and my own.

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