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I recently met with Agnès Laffourcade in London as she introduced me to her brand Enfance Paris. Agnès and I talked about her passion for developing products she couldn’t find in the stores for her children. We all know that a child’s skin can feel the most precious of all, which is why Agnes wanted to create a brand to nurture the skin like never before.

Agnès had me thinking about how I spend a fair amount of money on my skincare routine but hadn’t thought as carefully about what products I was putting on my own children’s skin. Sometimes I just opted for whatever was on special offer in the supermarket. Guilty.

My son suffers from eczema so I know how important it is to protect his delicate skin and his skin issues are a common theme in children of today. It has been estimated that up to 15 million people in the UK could be living with eczema.

Information shows that in 2015, GPs in England wrote about 27 million prescriptions for the topical agents used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema) at a cost of approximately £169 million. Agnes was telling me how she had stopped using hydrocortisone treatments on her children and instead, only used her own products. She told me that there had been some amazing results and that they no longer need to use prescriptive hydrocortisone from the pharmacy. I appreciate all cases and skin conditions vary in adults and children, but even so, I was fascinated by what I difference these natural, organic, gentle products make on delicate skin.

Enfance Paris offers the best organic skin care products with valuable, effective ingredients evolving with the skin of children. It finally offers mothers to take care of their children safely and in full transparency, at every age. A line of 100% natural skin care products adapted for the specific needs of children’s skin, from birth to adolescence.

The Enfance Paris skin care formulas draw from the beneficial properties of aromatherapy essential oils for a gentle cleanse, without chemicals or alcohol and they feel so pure.

In my opinion, Enfance Paris is clever. Agnès has made formulas where the needs of each age group are considered: from 0 to 3 years old; from 3 to 8 years old and from 8 to 12 years old. These daily personal care products are especially designed for the delicate and sensitive skin of children and meet the highest quality and safety standards. There's toothpaste too, which my children absolutely love as they say it tastes like strawberries!

And finally, I must mention the detail and the design. How gorgeous is the packaging? Agnès just pointed out to me that when she sits in the bath, why would she like to look at lots of unattractive bottles just because they are for children. She thinks every bottle should be beautiful. These really are lovely range of bottles and soaps that I have not seen in a children's range before.

We would love for you to try Enfance Paris and let us know what you think. And in the season of goodwill, it is great to support small business and champion all those women who are out there creating their own businesses around their families.

For more details, visit the website www.enfance-paris.com and if you wish to place an order, use my exclusive 15% discount code GM15 by 14th December 2018.

N.B - This is not a sponsored post. I felt passionate in supporting Enfance Paris as a new brand and help to share the message amongst my followers.

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