We Eat Bananas Book Review

I am delighted to share this review with you of Katie Abey's latest children's book called We eat Bananas from Bloomsbury Publishing. It will have parents and children giggling together as they find their favourite animals eating pancakes, sausages, veggies and bananas!

I have two fussy eaters in my house so this book really resonated with me! In fact, fussy eating is one of the most common food-related issue parents struggle to address. In fact, a 2016 study found that just over 25 percent of children between 1.5 and 5 years old are fussy eaters. Children tend to be the fussiest between ages 2 and 4. It is that these times when it’s so easy to get locked in a battle of wills, and feel frustrated when your child simply refuses to eat certain foods.

In this fun, feel good book, illustrator Katie uses animals and colour to bring the messages in her book to life. I wondered what inspired Katie to write this book but I thought it was probably because she understood what a challenge it can be to get nutritious fruit and veggies into our children's little tummies.

Almost every country in the world now has serious nutrition problems, either due to over-eating leading to obesity or a lack of food leading to undernutrition. Researchers behind the Global Nutrition Report 2017, which looked at 140 countries has called for a critical change.

This bright and engaging book is fabulous to read with the children and will have them laughing out loud. Is that a flamingo munching on a banana? What about that hippo flipping pancakes? And why is that llama dressed as a lemon? There's even a shark slurping a fruit smoothie. All the animals are eating their favourite foods in their own hilarious way.

We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat them across 12 spreads, packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables and more.

For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to try new foods, this fun filled book is for you. Gobble it up on Amazon or your local bookstore today. Click here to buy now

Katie Abey also produces stationery and greeting cards, which have been on sale in well known stores such as WHSmiths, Urban Outfitters, Paperchase and Scribbler. Follow Katie Abey on Instagram

Note: This is not a paid review. I am sharing this review in collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing as I enjoy sharing stories of other women who are doing great work.

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