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If you haven't heard of them already, I wanted to introduce you to a brilliant brand called Petit-Fernand. I have collaborated with them a few times and the reason why I have, is simply because we love their personalised range of pretty much everything you need for the kids!

I started by using them to order both iron on and stick on labels, because we know that just about anything and everything can get lost at school. The stick on ones have been ideal for their school water bottles, stationary, coats, school shoes, glasses cases and much more. The adhesive label take about two seconds to stick on the washing instructions or brand tag. Amazingly, there are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant so not only are they good for general school stuff, they are great for jackets, swimsuits, fleece, underwear and more!...

The iron-on labels take around 12 seconds and can be applied on any fabric. The great news is that once you have ordered, they normally despatch your order within 48 hours. Hurrah!

We then ordered personalised lunch boxes (Bento Box) for use outside of school and I can honestly say, they are the best lunch boxes we own. Not just because they are named, but they are fun designs (34 in total), available in four colours (dusky pink, mauve, navy or red) with brilliant, handy compartments to separate all the lunch goodies. The lid fits into place easily with four clippable flaps so even your younger kids won't have any trouble getting into their lunchbox. Every time we go for a day out, I promise you, I always get asked where we bought our lunch boxes from, so I thought it was about time I shared this on the blog!

As you can see above in this sample design, you can mix and match all the designs and the colours making it a completely personalised lunch box. Each Bento Box includes a main container, 2 removable containers, ice pack, a bento layer and of course, a secure lid. From football, to dinosaurs, llamas, fairies and superheroes, take a look at all the designs as we could barely decide which ones to choose! I am slightly concerned by how obsessed I have become with the personalised Bento box. I am seriously tempted to get the llama one just to take to lunch myself at the office. Agreed?

To tell you a bit more about the company, Petit-Fernand is a Paris based company which offers original, fun and easy to use products which are great for kids…and the parents! The best part is that all their products are 100% customisable so that not only can they can match your children’s personalities but they are easily recognised by children of all ages. I really liked the Petit-Fernand website and found it easy to navigate.

Furthermore, if you need some inspiration for personalised gifts, school admin or Easter fun ideas, there's something for everyone on Petit Fernand. Please go take a peek online!

As well as everything I have mentioned already, they also range personalised mugs, gift tags, gift boxes and much much more. So, if you are a parent and naming EVERYTHING has become the story of your life, then you need to know about Petit Fernand.

I also think the lunch boxes could make a really nice personalised birthday present too. Apologies to all my friends in advance who are about to receive a personalised lunch box for the next two years! Sorry...not sorry.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Petit-Fernand but all opinions, as always are honest and very much my own.

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