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I am so excited to announce that I have signed a brand ambassador partnership with Colorland UK. I will be working with them in the long term to show you their wide range of products as well as sharing my discount code 'GUILTYMOTHER' with you, so all my lovely followers get the best value.

I started working with Colorland UK last year, as I really liked their website and ended up working with them to create some memory photo books which were very special to me. The first one was a family trip to Wales and the second was a book to celebrate my 40th birthday. Yes…the big one!

Colorland UK kindly printed both my books in super speedy time. I selected different sides and finishes for both as was keen for both books to have their own styles. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and options, in fact, I was blown away by all the options you have when creating your book.

You can pick one of various themes or create your own

Each page can have text on it if you wish and can have a different picture layout, which is great if your pictures are a mixture of landscape and portrait, as some on ours are. You can personalise the cover as you wish, changing fonts and countless other things, until you are completely happy with your finished book. You can then review each page before sending your order to be printed. The system will tell you if there any issues with the quality of the photos you have uploaded, so you will never have the worry of printing out an image which is blurry or out of focus.

It didn’t take long for my books to be delivered and I was so excited to see it. The quality of the printing is fabulous and all the pages are thick, quality paper. Here is just a selection of our pictures.

Creating Photo Books

Photo books are such a modern day version of a photo album. I think it’s best to pick a theme for your photo book such as a holiday you took this year or a special day out.

I stared a tradition of making a photo book of my children’s first year. Then, as part of phase two with Colorland UK, I am planning to make photo books of the children (aged 2-7) and another at (aged 8-13) followed by (aged 9-18).

By then, I will just be crying in the corner as they are growing up far too fast! But, despite my overwhelming emotions, which many of us have as parents, it will, undoubtedly be lovely to look through and see both the children growing, thriving and changing. As a final note, I also make mini photo books from special holidays and memorable occasions, such as big birthdays!

End of School Leavers Books

Before the end of term, I nominated myself at the school to create a 78 page leavers book. This could be really nice thing to consider for next year if your child is leaving year six, for example. It was such a lovely momento to be able to create for a copy to be handed out to every child in the year. I used my discount code 'GUILTYMOTHER' and affiliate link from Colorland UK to create the book at an amazing, affordable price. I was so pleased that I was able to help the parents to produce a keepsake that the children will cherish forever.

Organising your Favourite Photos

We know that collating all your favourite photos for a photo book can take time. OnKeep your photos organised on your phone in folders throughout the year so you have albums ready to upload. If you’re super organised you can even upload and organise them in your Colorland UK account. Organisation goals eat your heart out!

Personalised Gifts with a Difference

Colorland UK have lots of different photo books starting with little ones from £6 and really professional looking ones too. But it doesn't end there, Colorland UK have a wide range of personalised products, so please take a look at the website to find out more. From a canvas for your wall, to mugs and magnets, you'll find everything you need for a gift with a difference.

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