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Yesterday, myself and kids carted ourselves uptown for a fun filled afternoon in London’s Leicester Square. We had been kindly invited for a special screening of the family movie, Abominable. The first major co-production between DreamWorks and China's Pearl Studio. A warm and fuzzy animated story of a friendly, young Yeti trying to get back home to Everest.

Abominable is written and directed by Jill Culton (Open Season, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 2) and is produced by Suzanne Buirgy (Kung Fu Panda 2, Home). Peilin Chou of Pearl Studio also produces. The film is executive produced by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge, Home, ANTZ), Frank Zhu (Legend of the Moles: The Treasure of Scylla) and Li Ruigang (Kung Fu Panda 3, The Taking of Tiger Mountain) and is co-directed by Todd Wilderman (Trolls, The Croods).

This was our first trip the ODEON Luxe Leicester Square which has been home to hundreds of premieres over the years. It remains a truly global icon in the heart of London’s West End and our first visit did not disappoint! The cinema was recently upgraded to combine luxurious reclining ODEON Luxe seats with the captivating experience of Dolby Cinema™.

Every seat also features its own personal table, so you can graze or feast with new snacks and treats in comfort, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the moment and escape into film.

The opulent new Oscar’s Bar serves an extensive range of drinks, including champagne and cocktails, and offer guests stunning views across Leicester Square from the bespoke new glass enclosed balcony. I must say, the reclining seats were...AMAZING! We have now fortunately (or unfortunately) set the bar very high for future cinema trips and I fear my kids will now expect snacks to be brought to their seats at every occasion!

Back to the main event, Abominable is full of light hearted gags and jokes along with some sentiment moments too. There are enough touches of warmth and sweetness in this movie that keep the story enjoyable for audiences both young and not-so-young.

Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennett, is not your average teenage girl. She doesn’t crave popularity, nor does she care about the latest trends, Instagram or likes. In fact, she comes across as abit of a loner. Though she lives with her loving mother and grandmother Nai Nai, Yi isolates herself by doing several odd jobs for neighbours and local businesses, stashing away every penny earned in a secret flower pot on the roof of her apartment building.

The rooftop is the only place Yi feels she can be herself. However, during one of her escapes to the rooftop for some alone time, she finds a magical yeti, asleep on the roof after a harrowing escape from the high-tech building where billionaire Mr. Burnish (Eddie Izzard) and his trusted zoologist Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) keep exotic and rare animals. After an initially bumpy meeting, Yi befriends and names the young yeti Everest, after a picture that he recognizes as his home. Yi, along with her buddies, goofy tag-along Peng and Peng’s cousin Jin.

As a trio, they head off across the countryside and beyond to get their Yeti friend home to Everest where he belongs. I loved the subtle undertone of perhaps getting children to think about the natural environment, whilst learning about Everest at the same time. A fun filled ride of a film with beautiful, vivid colours of the rural countryside, you will struggle to walk out of the cinema without a smile on your face.

In UK cinemas from 11 October 2019


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Our screening of Abominable was gifted by Freuds PR. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, honest and my own.

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