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Perhaps, like me, sometimes you feel like you are spinning a lot of plates. Sometimes I compare these feelings to being a duck. Yes, a duck. They glide across the top of the water and everything looks effortless. However, on closer inspection, there’s a lot going on underneath the water. Those little legs are paddling seriously hard and that’s us mums. Sometimes, we just keep paddling and feel like we can barely keep everything together from work, to the house and the kids.

I am Jo Wimble-Groves, mum of three and co-owner of an award-winning mobile telecommunications company, Active Digital. A self-confessed ‘accidental entrepreneur’, I put my hand up and took an opportunity to run a business with my brother at just sixteen years old, dropping out of sixth form college at the same time.

As an ambassador for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics); I regularly go into schools and universities to share my story, as well as explaining the power of how many of us learn through failure. My aim is to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. In March 2019, I was one of 100 women invited to No.10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister on International Women’s Day.

In January 2016, I created a blog called Guilty Mother, when I struggled with work-life balance and wanted to open the conversation on feelings of ‘mum guilt’. My parenting and lifestyle blog is now followed by over 55,000 people worldwide.

As a writer, my work has appeared in Huffington Post, InStyle UK, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian. As a brand ambassador, I have worked with Boden, Jaguar Land Rover and Neutrogena amongst others. I am passionate about creating a world where women have equal rights and that girls can achieve great things.

My engaged online following amongst parents and my connections to organisations such as Girlguiding UK plays a significant role in supporting my first book “Rise of the Girl.” Published in the UK in October 2021. Also now available on audible, in the US and Australia.

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