A versatile speaker for business and schools.
My story appeals to businesses and blogger events looking for a guest speaker.

​After twenty years business experience, I am sharing my story to inspire women and girls everywhere to help them find their own confidence to follow their personal aspirations.

I am the co-owner of the successful Kent-based company, which I operate with my brother, which we started in 1996. Our company operates from offices in Kent, London and Dublin. We provide smartphones, tablets and apps to business customers, many of whom are VIPs in the world of music and sport. Our award-winning company is globally recognised for how we manage customer experience.

After starting my ‘Guilty Mother’ parenting blog in January 2016 after having a lightbulb moment, my award-winning blog is now enjoyed by 55,000 followers across my social media platforms. Proof that you sometimes just have to try things, not be afraid and see where it takes you!

As a professional storyteller, I am sharing my knowledge and inspiring story to help others and to seek out our next generation of female founders. I offer a number of different talks which focus around women in business, building a brand, confidence and how to build a successful blog.

Inspiring our Next Generation

I speak at schools, colleges and universities. I feel so passionately about helping students, that I offer a number of free talks every year. I was so taken back by a report published by the BBC News, which stated that girls still lack confidence in pursuing high-paid careers in science and technology, even when their school results are as good or better than boys, says an international study. Therefore, I wanted to give my time to help make a difference. ​​

There is a drive currently ongoing to encourage more girls to adopt a future in science and technology and I am passionate about being part of driving that change. I am keen to talk to as many young girls as possible about my experiences and how they can succeed too.