After collecting the kids from late class at 4:30pm, we went straight from school to the local gym where my six-year-old daughter will have her swim lesson. I know swim lessons are important but my logical head tells me this is an impractical time for a lesson. The kids are exhausted but somehow we managed to get through it every week. It’s Friday, we are all completely frazzled and I desperately need a glass of wine!

My four-year-old son is completely wired. I thought he might be abit tired after a long day at school but, oh no…he is running circles around me.

I normally like to write the framework for my blog whilst my daughter swims but this Friday was different. I wasn’t wearing any shoes. I appreciate that sounds very bizarre…but hear me out.

We rushed to get changed for swimming and whilst doing do, I ran through the check list. Two children (check), swim rucksack (check), towel (check), googles (check), IMPORTANT: handbag with MacBook (check), school coats (check). I remove my shoes and socks as we walk to the pool area.

I managed to pick up everything else, but purposely left my beautiful, suede Chelsea boots on the floor in the private change area. I have done this before and come back to for them five minutes later.

Once my daughter was settled in the pool, I came back out into the café area and sat down. My son was still running around like a lunatic until I realised I wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks. Oh yes! Too much to remember you see. No concern. I know where I left them.

Houston. We have a problem. They are not there. Someone’s probably kindly picked them up and taken them to reception. I wander to reception, still barefoot. ‘Hello Carly. Anyone handed in any shoes”. There was a distinct shake of the head.

Why on earth would someone take my shoes? I suddenly felt quite silly. However, I will continue to walk around the café barefoot, pretending this is absolutely normal (winging it?).

I am quietly concerned now. My daughter was in the pool, soon to finish the lesson and I still have no footwear. A few mums had twigged I had a problem and a kind fellow swim mummy offered to lend me her welly boots from the car. Oh god. How embarrassing…. but I very nice gesture none the less!

After some time, I was at a complete loss why someone would do this. I really couldn’t work out why someone would purposely steal my shoes. Another mum told me that someone stole all her dirty gym kit and trainers out a locker recently. Ewgh! What is wrong with people?

I’m pleased to say there is a happy but bizarre ending. Whilst standing in the locker room, pensively thinking with my hand on my chin. Where else do I look? I’ve got it! I decided to look in the bin. The large, dark bin. I just shoved my arm in their as deep as I could and had a good old fashioned rummage around. Hey Presto! One pair of £200 suede Russell and Bromley boots, in amongst all sorts of disgusting things. I had found my shoes.

The fellow mother then said to me “you rummaged through the bin?”. Yep. And I’m damn proud. I have had much worse things flow through my fingers with the amount of kids poo I have dealt with in my lifetime. I have no problems there.

Throughout the whole situation. I just completely winged it.

Shoes on. Let’s go kids. Happy Friday Everyone!