Love it or hate it, Instagram is changing lives. They say a picture tells a thousand words and like me, millions of people choose to share their personal lives through Instagram every day. Not only do we share our stories online, but we also enjoy the vibrant visuals that adorn our Instagram feed every day. Instagram is like mummy porn for me. Other than the Boden catalogue, I just can’t resist a quick scroll through my Instagram feed.

It is fair to say that Instagram is sometimes accused of being a platform for vanity or showing what is perceived as ‘perfect lives’. However, putting any negativity to one side for a moment; Instagram has proved to be tremendously successful platform for those that want to show their authentic selves, warts and all. I love the diversity that Instagram brings and how people share their personal stories in such an honest way. In fact, Instagram has helped carve out fruitful careers for unknowns and profiles that promote ‘the good’ in this mixed up world we live in.

I find many personal stories, particularly from women, fascinating, inspiring, motivating and often…humorous. Some stories simply remind us to be ourselves or remember what is most important in life. Our family, our health? Perhaps not to take ourselves too seriously? There are a few amazing women that spring to mind, Selfish Mother, Zoe de Pass AKA Dress Like a Mum and Anna Whitehouse, also known as the hilarious Mother Pukka. These women, are without doubt, helping us Guilty Mothers to ‘keep it real’.

Instagram are drawing attention to those trying to make a difference by celebrating the UK’s growing community of female visual storytellers with an exhibition. Under the hashtag, #MyStoryUK, Instagram have handpicked 24 women, including illustrators, activists and entrepreneurs, and features their photos in a new show alongside their words. From Selfish Mother to a shepherdess – these women are all wonderfully captured in this heart warming #MyStoryUK exhibition.

Amanda Kelso, Instagram’s Director of Community, said: “Instagram is a place where people come together to find inspiration, connect through shared interests and experience the world through images and videos. MyStoryUK is about celebrating this inspiring community of women. We hope that by sharing their stories, others will be inspired to share theirs too.”

Guilty Mother was delighted to receive a personal invitation to the exhibition which was only open between 9th and 10th June at Unit London, 147-149 Wardour Street. I felt humbled and inspired by what these 24 women have achieved and more importantly, what they hoped their followers would feel from the images they portray online.

Meeting some of these women today was such a wonderful experience, because they were exactly as I would expect them to be. Just lovely. Women make such excellent, natural networkers, the room was buzzing with positive female energy. We are women in business and we are all on our own personal journey. Some at the beginning, some half way through, but whatever the distance; the feeling of togetherness in that room was like nothing I had experienced before.

All hail. The rise of the instamums.