Puberty is tough. Many of us will remember our first experience of shaving our legs. It was a disaster, right? I shaved my legs for the first time, in secret, with a blunt razor and no soap. I managed to remove most of the top layer of my skin on my legs and I was mortified. I was so embarrassed I begged my mum to let me have the day off school the next day, which in turn, then drew more attention to my legs the day after that. Deep joy.

But hey, years on, some of those funny stories get shared with our friends over and over again. But while those kinds of recollections might offer a good chuckle, it’s also interesting to think back onto why many of us felt the need to pick up a razor in the first place, without talking it through with a parent first. So, being a parent now myself, I am, after all (cough, cough), a responsible adult. Well, it didn’t quite use that term on the invitation, but Guilty Mother was invited to a round table discussion held at The Haymarket Hotel in London. This was to launch a campaign around the subject of puberty. Health and beauty specialist P&G has partnered with Boots plus TV presenter and former gymnast Gabby Logan and her daughter Lois to run a campaign called #TeenTalk.


Gabby, who has twins, a girl and a boy aged 12, is well placed to discuss the open parenting chat about puberty to her kids. I was delighted to come and share my views and as a respected parenting blogger, it is a pleasure to be part of this campaign. Gabby Logan is just as lovely and charismatic in the flesh as she comes across on the screen.

Also in attendance at the round table event, it was great to catch up with some fellow bloggers, including Honest Mum and DadBlogUK to name a few. What a dynamic bunch of bloggers we are!

This is such a key topic for parents. My daughter is turning eight this year and I know the next few years will start to fly by. My son will then be six and before we have a chance to blink, we’ll need to start having these conversations with them.

I want to ensure I am equipped with the knowledge and support they will need, rather than flicking through a retro copy of a Clare Rayner book, which is what I had to do. Just as teenagers are going through puberty and experiencing changes, it’s easy to forget it’s hard for parents, too. Change can be hard for all of us. Watching the children grow up and mature is hard. We sit and wonder where those years went and for those who tell us ‘Oh, they grow up in a flash’ you tell them they are crazy, but then suddenly, you realise they were right all along. I know it’s all part of the journey, so I just want to ensure puberty for my children becomes a positive experience rather than a battlefield.

Here some interesting stats on why the #TeenTalk campaign has been launched: –

  • 78% of teens find it tricky talking to their parents about puberty issues
  • 68% of mums and dads find it awkward talking to their teens about puberty with periods being the most difficult discussion of all
  • 19% of parents said they would put-off talking about puberty until “another time.”

In summary, growing up is tough so when it comes to puberty or any change for that matter, we need to be there for our kids.

So, whatever happens, I’ll ‘always’ be there for mine. Sorry…couldn’t resist.

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The #TeenTalk guide is available with any purchase of Venus, Always and Tampax products at Boots between now and Tuesday 6 June, 2017. A free gift will also be given to parents and teens when they make a purchase.

Disclosure: This post was produced in association with P&G and Boots.