Like many of us meeting our fellow school mums (and dads) at the school gates, it may have resulted in a few conversations that went like this “how was your October half term?” and the reply would be “good. Very busy”. In fact, I was reading on Huffington Post how this is often referred to as Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.

Many of us are feeling shattered and we are only a few weeks back into school. If someone asks me how my work is or how my life is in general, I find it increasingly difficult to resist saying ‘Great. I’m just very busy”. It is only something I have become conscious of more recently. So why do we do it? One reason is because we care so much for the people in our lives.

We all have responsibilities. Many of us juggle work and home. I think of single mums and dads who juggle things alone, trying to care for their children as best they can with not enough sleep. For many of us, there are days in which all you can do is put one foot in front of the other, until you can turn off the light and drop into bed, exhausted.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Busyness may be forced on us by life circumstances or it you may bring your busyness on yourself. But at some point, many of us find ourselves busier than we want to be. We seem to indirectly self-generate endless lists of ‘to do’s’. Items after items that seem to need to be checked off again and again. It’s exhausting. Busyness starts to wear us down – not to mention the stress and anxiety. We often worry about tomorrow that can prevent us from being fully present today.

I’m writing this because I am this person. I openly admit that I am always referred to as ‘busy’. Perhaps that’s not such a good label. But – little by little, I am getting better. I’m pleased to say that my calendar isn’t always full. In fact, I often turn many things down and I’ve started saying ‘no’ to things whereas before I may have found myself being a ‘yes’ woman.

I don’t hold all the answers to being ‘busy’ but the trick, of course, is to understand whether the “importance” of a task or a project should be undertaken by you or whether it can be managed by somebody else to take it off your shoulders. So, before you put something to the top of your priority list, make sure you are doing it for you and that you are the right person to complete that task. The art of delegation is important in life, both in business and in the home. Split jobs around the house between you and your partner (if you have one). Come together as a team to get household jobs done and then spend more quality time together as a family.

I’ve seen first-hand what busyness and stress can do to people around me. You can never underestimate the impact this has on the body and stress forms itself in so many ways. So, for the sack of my own health, I’m going to try and help myself be ‘less busy’. I hope, next time someone asks me how I am doing, I promise to try not to answer with the words “good thanks. Just very busy.” So, starting today, get clarity on what you want to achieve and stay focused on this path.

On a final note, thank you to everyone who spares five minutes to read my blog. Thank you.

I know you are busy….