Some say, life begins at 40.

You might find that becoming 40 may bring a few changes. The spotting of a few extra grey hairs in the mirror which seem to magically appear overnight. Creaky joints. How did that happen? Not to mention those extra laughter lines settling in around our eyes. You suddenly realise that eye cream has officially become your new favourite product (and my husband’s too!).

But, with every year that passes, we blow out a few extra candles on our birthday cake and in many ways…we are grateful. Some say age is a privilege and they are right. Turning 40 should be embraced. In fact, these signs of wear and tear testify that you’ve been around long enough to have learned some stuff, done some things, accrued memories and assets and fostered and strengthened relationships, all while gaining perspective on this brief and crazy trip we call life. Now is the time to take your past and use it to fuel the successes of all the life yet to come.

Here’s some of what I’ve learnt so far: –

  1. Take Five – Take five minutes to remind yourself what you are grateful for today
  2. Call your parents. Hold open the door. Help carry a stroller up the underground stairs. Give up your seat. Give food to a homeless person. Send someone a thank you card
  3. Celebrate and be grateful for those who have always stood by you. You never know when you’ll need them next
  4. Pressing snooze is never a good idea
  5. Stop thinking about what other people think of you
  6. Miracles happen. That girl you thought would never fall in love will fall in love
  7. After a lifetime of wishing you were a different sort of person living a different sort of life, you will one day be walking down to the train, look at your feet on the street and think: I am where I want to be
  8. It’s not luck. Results equals humility plus hard work. If you do, good things will come your way. Talent is nice but it’s not necessary and you don’t always need a degree to be successful
  9. Hindsight is 20/20. Obsessing over what you could have done differently is a waste of time. One day the pieces will fall into place and reflecting on your past (the good and the bad) will all feel like part of the journey
  10. Contrary to what your mid-20s, intoxicated, smeary-eyelinered self might think, the worn body you have now – is beautiful

As you enter your 40s, begin to appreciate the things you have instead of focusing on the things you think you’re missing out on. Besides, while others might call you middle-aged, you know there’s still plenty of time left for you to achieve all those goals you set for yourself.

Cheers to that…