I love clothes. I have plenty of them, but if you are anything like me, then you may stand in front of your wardrobe on a daily occasion and say to yourself “I have nothing to wear”.

Even whilst thinking this, I know this is a silly thing for me to say. My wardrobe is full of clothes. Some I like, a couple I love, some that don’t quite fit well and others that just don’t suit me anymore. The pile of Breton tops, endless grey jumpers and ongoing impulse purchases were taking over the closet, which was now bursting at the sides. We’ve all been there. It’s that this point, when you feel you are stuck in a rut and it is a good time to ask for the help of a professional.

In my case, many of good friends had advised me to instruct the help and guidance of Victoria Genevieve Styling. Something my friends had done already and were ‘raving’ about the results.

I was told she would come to my home, make me feel at ease whilst we go through my closet (together). I’ll be honest, I could hardly imagine someone else rummaging through my wardrobe, but I knew I needed to be brave and just do it! Why did I feel like this? Victoria explained to me how we become emotionally attached to certain clothes. It wasn’t something I had really thought of before. Using Victoria’s expert eye, she looks through everything in your wardrobe – from shoes through to clothes, coats, jewellery and other accessories.

Together, we could create 3 piles – what should stay, a charity pile and a ‘for sale’ pile. I had to try everything on, piece by piece and explain why I liked it and how it made me feel. It was fascinating how many items I put on and said to Victoria “I don’t feel that good in this dress”, so of course, why and when would I wear it? Surely, we want pieces in our closet that make us feel confident and happy. I love Victoria’s ethos on how she wants her clients to look like their “best self every day” not just on special occasions. How can we walk out the door feeling good every day?

Despite feeling a fraction nervous about Victoria rummaging through my wardrobe, she was so professional in helping me understand my clothes better and taking more consideration into how they make me feel. I was holding onto so many items that I haven’t worn for 18 months and for what purpose? Sometimes it can be for sentimental or emotional reasons and Victoria understands this and is delicate with what items we should keep, if they mean something to you.

After going through the clothes, we agreed on what we are keeping, what could be sold and what would go to charity. Together, we then started to plan my capsule wardrobe (I have never had one of those before) which we then complete with a personal shopping trip. I genuinely can’t wait for this part next!

What did I learn from this experience? Despite the initial emotional wobble, I found the whole experience completely liberating. In fact, I wish I had done it years ago. I wish I had used Victoria’s expertise after I had my second baby in 2012, when my body confidence took a nose drive.

Additionally, I learnt that some clothes didn’t fit me properly. Victoria still said they were still great pieces that I could take to a tailor to be adjusted. She said, “the better it fits, the better you look and the more you will wear it”. It was something I hadn’t thought of doing before, but she said that an alteration service can be easily done at a low cost.

Victoria recommended to me that I split my winter and summer wardrobes so I only see what I need during those seasons. She reminded me to be practical – did I really love those kitten heels. Were they comfy? Could I wear them every day? It’s about being honest with every purchase in the closet.

For Guilty Mother now, it’s about pulling together all my classic pieces. Finding the colours that bring out the best of me and finding outfits I want to wear every day. I am finally making my wardrobe work for me. Truly transformational. I wouldn’t have worn this red dress (below) without the confidence Victoria gave me that red IS a great colour on me. Who knew?

Would you do a wardrobe detox? You won’t regret it.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Victoria Genevieve Styling. Victoria very kindly did my wardrobe detox as a one off complimentary service, for which, I am very grateful.

For more information visit https://www.victoriagenevievestyling.com