I recently had an amazing wardrobe detox with my friend and personal stylist, Victoria Genevieve Styling. It was a truly emotional but liberating experience. She cleared out my wardrobe, organising my clothes into some kind of order for work, casual daytime, party and special occasions. Quite a few items when to charity and a bag full was sold online. For a few months. I’ve been feeling ever so smug that every time I open my wardrobe as I can actually ‘see’ all my clothes. It is just flowing with pieces I love (and fit me properly). I would highly recommend a wardrobe detox with a professional, like Victoria, if you haven’t done it before.

However, a few months has passed since the wardrobe detox and I need to make a confession. I have been shopping. Mostly online and without consulting Victoria. I fear I could be in trouble. As the next Zara and Boden deliveries arrive, I ram the cardboard boxes under the bed to conceal the evidence. I work up a small sweat just trying to fit them under there as it’s a tight squeeze. Does this count as weekly cardio? I get rumbled by our daughter “is that new mummy?” She asks. “Ummmmm….yes darling. I’ll show you later. Don’t tell daddy ok? Our little secret”. He already thinks my purchasing is escalating. Men seems to shop differently don’t they? He comes home with one new t-shirt here and then a new shirt there. Never a large cardboard box. Never.

I know my readers understand these issues and one phrase springs to mind ‘Instagram made me do it’. The rise of Instagram fashion and style bloggers means that I am regularly seduced into buying something. To be honest, I’m not even sure it is their fault. They don’t even have to try that hard to suck me. It’s like Kaa, the snake in jungle book, putting me under the constant hypnosis of Erica Davies and I can’t escape.

One minute it’s the ‘must have’ jumpsuit and the next minute it’s all about the ‘must have’ Bella Freud 1970 jumper in every colour. Help! The result is another jam packed wardrobe so I’ve now got to swallow my pride and give Victoria a call. I have to apologise to her and say “please forgive me Victoria. For I have sinned. Instagram made me do it.”

However, joking aside, nearly half of clothes in a typical British wardrobe remain unworn throughout the year with women wasting £877 of garments compared with £597 by men. The total value was put at £43 billion. A study by Privilege Home Insurance showed that adults had an average of 75 items, excluding socks and underwear, but only 39 ever saw the light of day.

Instagram…you saucy little minx. Just a little bit naughty. Seducing me with those tiny squares of loveliness. For whatever people think about Instagram, I can honestly say, I just love seeing fabulous women and men (of all ages, shapes and sizes) rocking their own fashion style.

So there you have it. If your other half comments about your online cardboard box purchasing clogging up the wardrobe, just remind them that Guilty Mother said that “Instagram made me do it”.

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