I love this time of the year. Spring is finally here. The sun is finally shining, sunglasses at the ready and if I’m feeling brave, I might even get my ankles out! But, there’s no getting away from the fact that evenings can be a little chilly and when the temperature drops, you won’t want to be left without a cosy knit to hand. In my view, cosy jumpers are the best!

I have so many jumpers in my wardrobe (probably too many) but when I heard about Cove Cashmere through my friend Pascale Banks also known as Style Mum (www.style-mum.com). I contacted Cove to ask if they would like to send me a few samples (yes, I know…I’m cheeky). Fortunately for me, they agreed and kindly sent me three cashmere jumpers. Winning at life!

I always enjoy hearing the story behind a company, so I wanted to find out more on how Cove Cashmere started. Local friends and entrepreneurs, Sarah and Jacqueline, launched Cove in 2011 having identified a niche in the market for a luxury knitwear collected aimed to serve a busy woman of all ages and want to look good, effortlessly. Yes, Sarah and Jacqueline…that’s me!

I didn’t used to own much cashmere but now I have these ones from Cove, I am a complete convert! I have lost count how many compliments I have had whilst wearing the navy blue jumper with the striped sleeves. I just need to restrain myself from wearing it every day. It’s tough…I tell you. I love the detail of this jumper and it looks different from the other jumpers in my wardrobe.

Over the past six years Cove’s range has constantly evolved in line with styles and trends whilst remaining rooted to its desire to design stylish but wearable pieces.

Cove Cashmere have the most gorgeous collection of versatile pieces which is what appealed to me about the brand the most. They are best known for their signature reversible ponchos which is stylish and elegant. I love their attention to detail on some of their designs, such as the stripes, neon bright numbers and the new butterfly jumper as featured on their website.

Here are the links to a few of my personal favourites: –




What makes for the perfect jumper for you? If you haven’t found it yet, please look on Cove Cashmere to find yours. You know you want to…